​​​Progress Monitoring
Student progress will be monitored by a specialist at the Park Academy, and parents will be informed of progress through regular emails.  If it appears that your child is struggling with a topic, these programs will automatically adjust to provide additional instruction.  We monitor the child’s time spent on the assigned programs as well as their achievements. When we notice that your child is struggling, we provide specific activities and recommendations designed to help your child improve.  If there is an issue you need to be aware of, we will contact you.  Similarly, if you have a concern, please email us.  Sometimes minor adjustments can be made to increase your child’s success and enjoyment of the program.

At least once every nine weeks we will have a conference to discuss your child’s progress and any areas of concern.  You have the option of making this a face-to-face or telephone conference.  This personal connection is important for your child’s success.



A child’s program is developed to meet his or her needs based upon input by the family; placement tests; and results of the Woodcock-Johnson Educational Assessment IV, a nationally standardized test.  One of the great things about the placement test we use for online programs is that they will identify any “gaps” in learning and begin to “fill” them.

Once the information is collected, a schedule of daily activities will be created. The students will typically spend between 30 and 60 minutes per day on their work.  We believe that parents know their child best and may need to make modifications to the amount of time spent in each program. The student will be able to access all of his/her programs and a few extra programs from a single dashboard. 

How to Start

Once you have decided that you want to enroll your child in the Virtual Park Academy, call and schedule an appointment to create your child’s individualized plan. 

Program Benefits

Educational Consultant provides the following services:

  • Placement in specific self-paced programs based on needs assessment
  • Identify learning gaps and determine how to fill them
  • Monitor and adjust programs based on student performance
  • Communicate with the parents regarding student performance

Virtual Park Academy

We have selected online programs that align closely with the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading.   In addition, the programs selected address the five pillars identified by the National Reading Panel in 2000 as essential for effective reading instruction. We match the skills addressed by the online programs to the needs of the student. 

Can't make it to tutoring because of expenses or schedules?

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Software provides the following benefits:

  • Engaging interactive online activities that provide progress monitoring
  • Easy integration into homeschool curriculum                                              
  • Flexibility to be completed after school                                                                                              

 National Reading Panel in 2000 named these areas of instruction as essential pillars for teaching reading.

  • Phonemic  Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension